Grab Twitter search data using R and export to a tab delimited file

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In this blog-post, we would see how you can grab Twitter search data using R and then export it to tab delimited file. Here are the steps:

1) First up, if we do not have R – you can install it by following the tutorial: Let’s install R Studio and R on windows machine

2) Instal Package: TwitteR if you haven’t

3) Look at the following code, modify the path in line #4 for write.table:

> require(twitteR)

> tweets <- searchTwitter(“#excel”,n=1500)

> tweetdataframe <-“rbind”,lapply(tweets,

> write.table(tweetdataframe,”c:/users/paras/desktop/tweetsaboutexcel.txt”,sep=”t”)

4) so now you have tab delimited file having about 1500 tweets!

1500 tweets R excel tab delimited RStudio code

You can also export the tweets to Excel spreadsheet, SPSS and SAS. Check this out: quick R Exporting Data


In this blog-post, we saw how you can grab 1500 tweets using R and then export it to a tab delimited file.

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Fuseki Windows Installation


The Apache Jena site does not give much information for Fuseki installation on Windows. Here’s how I did it with my Windows 8. (Note: No need to set up environmental variables or path)

  1. Take a look at Bob DuCharme’s blog ( BTW, Bob’s book, Learning SPARQL, is a nicely written book. I highly recommend it. ^^
  2. Do the following steps:
    1. Download and unzip the Fuseki zip file ( to somewhere in your hard drive. (I choose the root so it’s like C:jena-fuseki-1.1.1. I then rename the folder to like C:FUSEKI because all capital looks cool. ^^)
    2. Bob instructed us to create the dataDirfolder under the Fuseki folder. In the current version of Fuseki (1.1.1) there is a Datafolder in place already, so you can just use it.
    3. If you are copying the original command from DuCharme, you need to change the jar file name: fuseki-sys.jar…

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